Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The planning begins!

So I realize that all my friends and family are incredibly spread out. And I thought to fun would it be to create a blog to keep everyone updated on my life?

And here I am. We got engaged only 2 months ago and I am so proud of us for all of the things we have accomplished. We have a date, a venue, a photographer, food, and I bought my dress already! I will definitely post some pictures from a few of those things, but in the meantime, I decided to write about all things wedding. Hopefully, when my life is back to normal and back to anything but wedding, I can write about other things...perhaps more interesting. Until then, here goes!

Real Simple came out with their first edition of the wedding Magazine just in time for my engagement! :) It happens to be one of my FAVORITE places to go. Almost like a Bible for weddings.

We are hosting just about everything at the Marina Del Rey Hotel. I actually cannot wait! It will be so much fun and I think everything is looking good.

Sean J Mason is our photographer. I absolutely adore him and could not have gotten a better guy for the job. Our original number one choice was taken for our wedding date (email me and Ill get his name to you. He is based in San Diego but does weddings all over. He is AMAZING!) and while we had a solid B option, I couldn't help but feel like we were settling. Mr. Scott randomly ran across his name and it was love at first sight. I seriously feel like we got the BEST option! Check him out!

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