Thursday, March 27, 2008

This makes me sad...

It is things like this that make me physically hurt. I have never been on of those people who can work at a Nursing home or an animal shelter. My heart literally breaks everytime I am around it. Both are the kind of places that can bring joy and pain. For example, animals usually make me smile. I talk to them like they understand me and love them as if they were human. But when I see them in a shelter and know they are going to be killed or hear about mistreatment, I honestly almost cry. Nursing homes are the same. In high school I visited this one woman who had led the most interesting life. She told me stories from WWII, the All American girls baseball league, and of cours of her children...the same children that never visited her. It broke my heart because at the end of our conversations, she would always choke up and cry.

It is my broken heart that prevents me from volunteering my time in such places. But it this same broken heart that prompts me to become more of an activist. An activist for things that I think matter and for laws that I think will actually prompt change. With that, I recently read about the seal hunt in Canada. I almost threw up. The torture inflicted and the unnecessary killing of these animals was a lot to bear. Each year, there is "Seal Hunting Season". Harp Seals and their cubs are slaughtered each year. The seal hunt is tragic because the advantage is really to the hunters. Most of the seals killed are only pup just days of age and utterly defenseless. They are completely trusting of people and the sealers betray that trust in the worst possible way.
I encourage everyone to each check out the horror of this hunt and sign the petition on their website at Other things you can do to help is write a letter to the Canadian Minister of International Trade and boycott Canadian seafood products. It simple things like this that can make a huge difference.Also, if you want to know more facts about this horror or if you would like to know how you can further help, please check this site: and

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