Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, I am getting married in two days. Thats right...two. Im so sorry I am away and have been for so long. I still have so much to share and promise to do a later date. Why? Well anyone that has gotten married understands there is just a lot that goes on in your last week. Let me recap where I am:

1) Just about everything is almost done. Today is my day to tie up loose ends. Lack of sleep up til now has actually proved useful.

2) Showering has fallen off of my priority list. Im just OK with smelling.

3) I havent worn makeup in close to a week. The bags under my eyes are starting to consume my eyes. Not a good sign.

4) Mr. Scott is tired and working hard. I love him more each day. However, I may need to reconsider number 2 if I wish to keep Mr. Scott. :)

5) I sugguest you try to process the concept of getting married before you are two days out. I cannot cram anymore to process into my tiny brain right now. Its full of vows, favors, and OOT bags.

6) Pay Kinko's to fold and staple our programs was the best idea ever

7) Having my mother and two sisters work non-stop on our wedding has been the biggest blessing and my gratitude extends beyond words.

8) Having Future In-Laws I like is incredible.

9) I'm pretty tired. I've started drinking coffee again...too bad my whitening will be all for not. Grind and Brew coffee maker, welcome back into my life!

10) I miss blogging. its such a stress relief for me. Hang in there crowd! Ill be back with plenty of details! I'M GETTING MARRIED!

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