Friday, July 18, 2008

Monkeys climbing on Branches

So Ms. B and I are off to the flower mart today and to begin making our centerpiece mock ups! We wanted to use Manzanita branches as part of the centerpieces (the branches are amazing), but here is the thing: I'm cheap. You heard me. I am. You see, a three foot Manzanita branch at the flower mart in Los Angeles will run you anywhere from $15-$30. Where I grew up in Northern California, we had a backyard of Manzanita (much to my mothers dismay). But when I say a backyard, I really should clarify and say a forest. So the thought of paying $30 per branch when I had it in my backyard was sickening.Step in my Madre. She flew down last weekend for my shower and what did she bring with her? Manazinta.  I love it! I am so grateful and it ended up saving us so much money in the long run. I promise to take pictures once I am done with the mock up, but in the meantime, here is Ms. B with our idea...

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