Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I have been so swamped at work lately and on the home front. Of course I am swampped this close to the wedding...Murphy's Law! I swear! Anyway, I am really REALLY going to try to post some pictures of finished products and little DIY stuff I have been doing. This weekend is Mr. Scott's bachelor party and I am SO EXCITED for him. His two best friends also happen to be his two best men and are planning the event. I am sure it is going to be the ultimate guys weekend. I am so grateful that Mr. Scott has such wonderful men in his life and more than that, that I soon will get share them too. It is such a treat when you get a whole new group of friends because they have relationships with and love the man you love!

Anyway, I hope to get a lot of good stuff done this weekend while he is gone and hope to get a big post together for Monday. Regardless, I will try to post a few details prior to this weekend of past events. Ill get to it tomorrow? Bad blogger, I know. In the meantime, here are some AMAZING inspiration boards that have already inspired me from weddingbee.

And another tasty morsel from Tastefully Entertaining...pun intended! :)

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