Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Time!!!

I have always enjoyed my birthdays. I do not understand people who say "I hate my birthday" because I don't. I think it is in large part due to the fact that growing up, birthdays were the one time we were allowed to spend that extra dime we didn't have. My mother had a knack for making our birthdays incredibly special without spending too much money and ever since then, I have always loved my birthday. I thought for awhile that it was selfish to celebrate the fact you were born. But I have come to realize that it is a celebration of life and all the good things life holds.

I have always imagined that my Golden Birthday would be a huge bash with lots of gold. I imagined my gold outfit and my gold shoes as 50 of my closest friends wined and dined. Once I met Mr. Scott, I had visions of a gold and silver party (his birthday is only 5 days after mine and he was going to be 25). Lots of friends and food and gold and silver! But since we have gotten engaged I have had neither the time nor the energy / motivation to plan such an event. I realized this is because I will be having the coolest bash ever already this summer. My wedding! So my original sadness of no golden birthday turned into excitement for my birthday. I won't bore you with too many details, but it was FABULOUS! and here are some highlights:

* My WHOLE family called me to sing (often alone) me the birthday song.
* My co-workers tricked me into thinking I was in trouble before bringing me to the conference room for cookie cake and fun
* Mrs. E (one of my Bmaids) drove from the westside to share a crepe with Mr. Scott, myself, and our two friends
* Mr. Scott made me the best birthday card ever! It was gold for my golden birthday and listed all things gold in my life (I take the gold line metro, Omar Vizquel is a gold glove winner, etc). He also gave me a beautiful golden bouquet of flowers. So sweet!
* I have a great crepe at a wine bar
* Scott surprised me with AMAZING sushi at the Geisha House in Hollywood and had my sister and her boyfriend come along. I hadn't seen them in a long time so that was awesome!
* One of my Bmaids and Mr. Scott's groomsmen threw all the April birthdays a BBQ at their place. SO FUN!
* I got a gift certificate from Grandma Mrs. Kelsey to BB&B hence showing me she discovered our registry.
* And when my birthday highlights are all done...Mr. Scott's birthday is Tues April 29! Yay Taurus!

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