Friday, April 11, 2008

Margarita Movie Mondays and R.I.P.s

So after my Bridal weekend, I got home Monday tired from work and my wonderful roomie was home! I commented that now that the writers strike was over, I felt like I didn't spend enough time with her. So we decide a movie night was in order. This of course led to movie snacks (chips and salsa) which of course led to margaritas. Hence the naming of the night "Margarita Movie Mondays". We love it! And decided that the "Margarita" could change weekly...maybe to "Mimosa Movie Monday" or "Martini Movie Monday" or "Midori Sour Movie Monday" get the picture. We were going to watch "Bridget Jones Diary" until I realized it was the second one, and until I realized roomie had never seen "When Harry Met Sally". This of course gave me the opportunity to give her a "WHAT?! How have you never seen this??!!" which I love doing to a movie buff like her. :)

Tuesday night, we wandered over to Mr. Scott's Aunt's house to discuss cakes. :) Mrs. Scott's Aunt is a genius when it comes to anything cake and has graciously offered to make our wedding cake for our wedding. It was a great night and really fun! We talked about some of the biggest cakes she has made (one for 1,000 people!) and some of the funniest. We talked about how when Scott was little he always wanted dark colored frosting the joke each year became "What color should I tell the parents their children's poo will look like from the frosting?". And we heard a little bit more about their lives and stories. Mrs. Scott's Aunt lived in Alaska for awhile while her husband was a court reporter for JAG. We got to look through their wedding album and discuss how Mrs. Scott's Aunt made both her wedding dress and going away outfit by hand. And, Mrs. Scott's Aunt also has Mr. Scott's Grandmother's crystal. It is a BEAUTIFUL antique pattern...much prettier than anything we found in the store. She told us that if we wanted it, she would finish the set for us as wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. It is honestly beautiful and I felt so honored to really start "becoming a part of Mr. Scott's family".

As we were leaving this fun night, I got a text message from my roomie, "Lance is dead." I was heartbroken. There is a very funny story about we got Lance and decided to name him that I just lost motivation to write (though maybe I will later), but the bottom line is that Lance was like our child. Lance, our Beta fish. So I got home and roomie and I played "Circle of Life" as we gave him a proper porcelain burial. Poor little guy. He had a good life. I will miss coming home to him.

Other than that, this week has been a slow week. I made some more progress on our bridesmaid dresses by finding a few styles I like and calling a few salons to see if they have them in stock. But really I have been waiting for the weekend where I hope to get most of our invitation stuff out. I'll keep you abreast of any new developments.

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