Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding Woes

I will return to my hopelessly optimistic future Mrs. self tomorrow, but for today...here are some of my wedding peeves:

Top Ten Wedding Peeves of the Moment:
1) Unity Candles - whoever decided that this was the perfect addition to a Christian ceremony that HAD to be done...was on crack. I actually hate it. So you light a flame together...how on earth does that unify you under Christ? ridiculous...Also, I used to think sand would be cool only because you could keep it somewhere in your house afterward. Mr. Scott reminded me of several verses regarding the folly of sand and have henceforth linked sand ceremonies with unity candles....ridiculous! :)

2) Cheap wedding favors - NO ONE likes them or keeps them unless they are a hobbit...Such a waste of money

3) Crunchy wedding hair - you do not need to use a gas mask while doing your hair to be beautiful.

4) Wedding Junk Mail - You go to one bridal fair and your weekly contribution to global warming erupts

5) The fact that when you say the word wedding, all I see is $$ in people's eyes.

6) Bridesmaid dresses - have never, will never, like them. Period. I like mine, but even then part of me feels that I picked just to get it over with. I think being a maid too many times may have made me bitter.

7) People who do no RSVP - while I have yet to encounter this, I am sure it is coming...

8) Wedding Website - people not checking it for information and it not working properly sometimes furthering people's reasons not to check it.

9) Marriage pessimists - people who tell me not to get married, constantly mention high divorce rates, bathe in their singleness reminding mine is coming to an end. So annoying because I haven't been single for awhile now and frankly, Mr. Scott are making this for life...so there!

10) PREGO COMMENTS - we prefer (God willing) not to have children for a MINIMUM of five years. So start rooting for us and not against us!
Sorry, maybe I'm on wedding burn out. Ill be happy and back tomorrow! :)

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