Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bridal Breakdowns

So this weekend I went in for my first fitting. It was a disaster. First off, my dress is a little tight. Not too tight, but I am definitely going to pop out a bit if I am not careful. Second of all, my bridesmaids (two different ones) had different things come up last minute and weren't able to come with me. I shouldn't have gone alone and I have learned that now, but I did. Finally, I got quoted more than the cost of my dress for alterations. Ridiculous! So I was on the verge of a breakdown. :(

Here's the background on my dress, I bought my dress for cheap. It's beautiful and I love it, but it was bought as a "mass appeal" bridal gown. From the first day I bought it, Miss B warned me that what I was sacrificing in price was potential quality. I listened intently but in the end, decided it was still worth it. Anyway, as I said, I loved my dress and still do. I think my issue Friday was that being alone and made to feel like a fool when they told me the cost of alterations was the first time my dress felt cheap to me. It hadn't before that moment but it did in that moment. So I got depressed and began to feel ugly and depressed that I wouldn't feel beautiful in my gown. Needless to say these are all things no Bride wants to feel in her gown.

So I drove home all upset and called Mrs. Mom. I explained everything and she made a few really good points: 1) Be thankful to God that your dress arrived so early! You will still have plenty of time for alterations. 2) Be grateful you live in LA near the fashion district where it shouldn't be too hard to find a seamstress. 3) Realize that you are doing some hefty alterations to the gown and that it is going to feel totally different when you are done with it. This made me smile and feel OK about the whole situation. So I went home and lounged on the couch cuddling for the rest of the night with Mr. Scott and feel much better about the whole thing.

But then my weekend get better! Our invitations arrived! So we spent most of late Saturday afternoon watching UCLA lose in the final four while drinking a glass of wine and assembling our invites. I am actually very excited about them! Above is the assembly process! Below is our names...they turned out much better than either of us expected.

Below is the actual invitation. Not as crafty as if I had DIYed them, but I still love them!

We also took a much needed break from wedding planning and went to the last LA Kings game of the season. They played the ever hated Anaheim Ducks. I have to say though, I love any sport where the mascot is allowed to make fun of the other team and people chant things like "F*** the Ducks!" It's a great sport and we (I) really got into the game. :) While we didn't get too much done and the quest for my bridesmaids dresses feels like it will never end, it was nice to get in a fun break. For now, the hunt continues...

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