Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yes, Please!

I popped open my registry today after realizing we were going to need a drying rack for laundry that cant be dryer dried, and low and behold look what I found!

I was so excited to learn that I got my super sweet mixer to allow me to bake all sorts of goodies for Mr. Scott. J I didn’t register for a stand mixer (much to many women I know dismay) because I didn’t feel I baked enough things that warranted a stand mixer. Not to mention the fact that I thought the money someone spent on the mixer could go toward to many other things we needed. (I did however make Mr. Scott promise that if I wanted one in a few years, he would get it for me for Christmas and my birthday) This in turn, made me check our Macy's registry instantly to learn that someone bought us 8 of our 12 5 - Piece place settings in our China. Can you believe it? I can't! And to think we almost didnt register for wedding china. I am already amazed at people generosity with us. My maids have been good enough to spend a pretty penny on the dress of my choice, Mr. Scott’s Men will be renting tuxs, our parents and my FILs (Future In Laws) are helping us financially and mentally, and here I run across a few brilliant gifts!

The fun thing about registering for Mr. Scott and I is the fact that we get to start from scratch. Both of us have had the opportunity to live with brilliant roomies who just happen to leave our apartments fully stocked! So while it meant we had to register for a few less “fun” items because we need so much, it did give us a chance to really envision our new lives together. Could I see us sleeping on these sheets or do I think a higher thread count is better? Will we hate an earth toned bathroom after a few weeks or love it for years to come? Our friends warned us that it would be our first big “engaged/wedding” fight, but it has actually been one of my favorite parts of the planning process. Some things I loved and Mr. Scott hated. Other things he loved and I said absolutely not. But we laughed at disagreements and always found a middle ground. We felt special walking around Macy’s and “shopping” for our new life. Bed Bath and Beyond was amazing to us as they all said a truly heartfelt “Congratulations!” and “Do you need anything?” as we walked around the store. They even let us stay past closing to have the store to ourselves. It has become our favorite registry place to date.

The most amazing part of all, however, has been this new gift. While I haven’t received it yet, I am so honored someone spent the money on us. We were told when we registered to “Register for anything you want! Don’t feel selfish or greedy because people really do want to buy you things! And sometimes, even expensive things!” I didn’t believe them really and it has hard for me at first to not feel guilty for registering for things. However, I love shopping. So getting something I “window shopped” for is so fun. I have no idea who got these for us, but I am so excited!

Photos courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

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