Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let them eat CAKE!!!

I had a very productive weekend last weekend and one of things we talked about was our cake! :) Mr. Scott's aunt is a cake maker extraordinaire! so I am lucky enough to not have to hire a baker to do it. She has generously offered to make us a cake for our event as a gift to us. SO AWESOME! The next awesome thing is that since I have been to so many events with Mr. Scott that I have tasted her talents and they are goood! :) The only thing she asked for was more descriptions of what we wanted on our cake. So with that request, my hunt for the perfect cake has begun! Hence...cake porn!

This cake looks so real I didn't even realize it was a cake until I read the caption! So fun!

I liked the one on the right much more than the one on the left. For some reason the waves completely caught my eye...

All I can say is that I do like chocolate! Yum...there's already a rumbling in my tummy!

I loved the ribbons on this one and the subtle pearls around each base. Thought it was very chic!

I liked the simplicity. Granted this is a mini cake and ours would need to be much bigger...

I LOVE April Reed cakes! This one is beautiful...except I wouldn't have blue frosting...not my thing.

I like chocolate (above) and considered it for wedding colors for awhile and this is such a fun black and white cake that I had to put it up. I want to use black as more of an accent color so this got the ax. After looking at all of this though, I realized that I wanted something beautiful yet simple. So here are some of the finalists and some of my favorite details!
So it may look pink in the picture? Maybe it's just my monitor, but it is white. I like ribbons (obviously you can notice the trend) and I REALLY liked the bow ties!

Cake by Martha of course! But I loved it! The flowers are sugar and inspired me a lot!
Hence more sugar flowers. I saw these and thought "Sweet and homey yet classy" instantly.

The roses on this cake are beautiful and I thought the design on the ribbon added a rich look to the cake. I thought the design was amazing! It has a few too many roses for me though.

Cake by April Reed. This is my FAVORITE! Just enough detail yet still completely simple. Please share your thoughts and opinions on your favorites! I would love to know!

Some of these cakes are from people such as cakepower, the cakegirls, fayeandgreer, marylin's in the UK, and Judy Uson in Manilla. I tried to find the names of the artist to give credit but couldnt always find it so my apologies....

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