Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Accesorize me please!

One of the really fun things for me about my wedding is all of the shopping I get to do. Let's see, dress, shoes (X3), Honeymoon shopping, lingerie shopping, new house shopping, window shopping (registry), arts and crafts shopping, reception (decoration) shopping, etc. I already have my wedding dress and shoes, and Ms. B gave me an ADORABLE white halter dress for my birthday that was exactly what I had been looking for for my shower! But I am still missing things for all of my other events.

Today marked my first day to begin looking for accessories and outfits! I need something to wear for my bachelorette party and something for a potential second shower with my FMIL and Mr. Scott? I need a new bathing suit and some honeymoon things. I still haven't decided if I am going to change into a "leaving the reception" outfit or stay in my dress. (Thoughts Anyone?) I definitely need more lingerie. But today we will limit it to my bridal accessories for day of.

How about a classic lace garter?
Or maybe a fun black and white polka dot?
(Can you tell I liked the polka dots?) Maybe one with fur?
Some classic elegance...
Or maybe I'll show off my patriotic side? (YUCK!)
When I started looking at earrings and bracelets (I won't need a necklace with my dress) I ran into a snag and stopped looking right after I I go with diamonds or pearls? Hum...?
Photos Courtesy of Etsy.

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I love that lace garter ! can you please let me know where you found it ?? my email is