Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Grass is GONE!!!

It wasn't really until last weekend that I became really bridal. My sister and MOH took me thing called "Soolip Wedding Faire". Now my sister kept pronouncing it "Sal-o-pah" which in French is the word for a dirty slut. I later learned the correct pronunciation is "Sue-Lip" which made me feel much better. Anyway, Mr. Scott and I had been to a bridal fair before and hated it. First, I felt awful for making him go with me. Second, all the vendors where pushing their services so strongly it was almost overbearing and awful! It was almost as if the organizers said to themselves, "Here! Plan your whole wedding in three hours!". Yikes. Finally, everything about the fair was so cliche and "Bridal". There was pink and tulle everywhere! And I did not see an ounce of creativity in the building. I have respect to these vendors that I am sure run a wonderful business, I am just not the type of person to hire a pushy person.

Anyway, Soolip was much different. Maybe it was because tickets were so expensive (my MOH got a GREAT! deal) or because it was the creme-de-la-creme of Los Angeles, but I left feeling very beautiful, the good kind of girlie, and very "bridal". It completely inspired me. As these vendors already make so much money, it was more about showcasing their work, talent, and creativity than it was about trying to get hired. Miss B and I got our names written in calligraphy, got a mini makeover by Aveda, ate a lot of H'ordervs, drank a few mimosas and glasses of champagne, watched a Caroline Herrara show, and ate a lot of cake! It was serious so much fun though. I posted a few pictures below.
Miss B and I in front of the "Bridal Bar" booth. They were handing out Mimosas all day! :)Miss B waiting for her!

Waiting for my makeup!

After our makeovers!Talking with vendors...

At the cake tasting...though not surprising I did most of the tasting! :)

Waiting for the Fashion show to start...
Then it started!
This one was Miss B's favorite!
This one was both of our favorites!

Anyway, after that, we wandered over to a discount store to begin rummaging for good finds. While there, I ran across these black lanterns that I absolutely LOVED! I decided that the best way to use them was to line the aisle and to then move them to the reception. I'm going to place one on the bar, one near the guest book, a few on the patio outside, etc. I am actually so excited about these as I did not want to do a runner, but couldn't think of another way to create an aisle. I also found some great fabrics for our doorway and as a backdrop for our photo booth.

Then! As if my weekend couldnt get any better, I went to our venue to talk about a rehearsal dinner which we promptly decided was too much money. However, while there I learned two things. 1) We are allowed to use sparklers! This was one of the things I really wanted for our wedding and didnt think I was going to get to use, but we are!!! And 2) while there my coordinator informed me that "the grass is gone." I looked at her, completely confused until I realized she was referring to the Astroturf! One of the things about our venue that greatly concerned me was that there was Astroturf out by the gazebo. I was petrified of what it was going to look like as my stark white dress reflected the glow of green carpet. But low and behold, they tore it out because "it was too much of a pain to fix and repair". Praise the Lord!

Overall, it was a great weekend that really got me excited about the wedding and planning all that is wedding. I realized that while we still have A LOT! to do, things are coming along. One of my BM's (though I am sorry because I cannot remember who) told me, "Kelsey you have only been engaged for just over two months now. Think about all you have done, not all you have to do!". That has definietly kept my head above water. For now, I will be scanning my wedding bible, continuing my hunt for BMaid dresses, and attempting to sort through the rest of this mess they call wedding planning. Thank goodness I am organized! :)

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