Sunday, September 7, 2008

Meet Maid "Mrs. E"!

I realized I never finished my "Meet my Maid" series, but really love the three girls I left out, and wanted to be sure that I posted about each of them. So I will finish up with Mrs. E, Mrs. K, and Ms. B!

Meet Maid Mrs. E!

WHERE WE MET: Mrs. E and I have been best friends since fifth grade. I met her at an open house. She thought I was a nerd, and I thought she was a snotty wench. But we worked through our differences and became the best of friends. (Below is us in high school in Mexico!)

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT HER: Mrs. E also loves Jesus A LOT! She has been an incredibly loyal, supportive, encouraging, and fun friend to have. We have been friends for so long and have shared so much, it is almost hard for me to find both the words and the time to explain everything I love about her. One of the things that I have always loved about Mrs. E is her graciousness. She is always the first to offer help and encouragement and the last to seek it. She never asks for praise, but simply lives loving others as much and as deeply as she can. She is such an incredibly intelligent, smart, and beautiful person. We have many similar tastes and likes and dislikes. She encourages me daily and my only hope in life is that I can be as supportive of her and Mr. E as possible. We have been through thick and thin...tough times and good times. But we have always remained friends. Over the years, our friendship has developed and to this day, I can truly say our friendship means even more now than it ever has before. I just can't use enough words to describe how much I value our relationship. (BELOW: We worked together for one glorious year. It was so fun and I am so grateful for the time to re bond with her and try to be a better friend to her. This was at Disneyland for one of the conferences we went to...)

WHY SHE WAS CHOSEN: Mrs. E is one of my oldest friends. We share of love of many things and we share many memories. Beside not being able to picture my day without her, I simply couldn't imagine life without her. She was supportive and yet skeptical of Mr. Scott the way all good friends should be. However, she got to know him and grew to love him and value his love for me. She has supported us 100% and I can't imagine not having a person like that not standing next to us when we commit our lives to each other. I will never forget telling her I was engaged and watching her cry saying "I knew this day would come, yet I never thought this day would come!" and then laughed. She is seriously one of my favorite people in this world. I have been so blessed by God to have a best friend in her. (BELOW: Mrs. E at our wedding)

FIRST IMPRESSION: That Asian girl is such a wench! She is so snotty, I really want nothing to do with her." (Oh how times change!!!)

ABOVE: Mrs. E's wedding...

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