Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Suddenly a Mrs

That's right folks, I have changed the blog title back! Because...suddenly I am a Mrs! I have to say it took a little getting used to. The whole idea behind the fact that I am Mrs. Scott now. Even at school when people say "Oh! You're married?!" I have to remind myself to say yes. :)

It's not that married life is really that much different at this point. Maybe when the new house, kids, safe white All-American neighborhood full of wasps becomes appealing to me...maybe then it will feel different. Maybe we just need a year to fully experience this whole "two become one" phenomenon that binds us together. Maybe we just need one more year of close intimacy for it to feel different.

Maybe not. After we were married, the only thing that felt different was the fact that Mr. Scott got to stay around for everything. it's great! But this simply feels like the next natural step...the next natural progression in our relationship. Mr. Scott makes me stronger and more confident. But I felt that when I was dating him.

Then again, there is a little something that is different. There is that fact that we come first in each others lives now, even before family. There is also a perk called benefits! Woo who! There is the benefit of insurance, but also of knowing you are the immediate next of kin. There is also the tax break that I am sure I will love come April. But above all, there is a social stigma that attaches itself to you once you are married. People look at you differently, treat you differently, and expect different things of you. I feel people expect me to be more grown up and mature than I feel now. I see them give me the once over when they realize my age. And of course, we are asked "out" much less than we were. We're married now..hence we are now boring or dull. Definitely not. :)

Needless to say, I was thinking and experiencing all of these things at Mr. Scott's groomsman's wedding, our at home reception, and law school orientation. So without further delay, here are some pictures from Mr. Scott's groomsman's wedding! This is me sitting with our friends waiting for the ceremony to start! This is Mr. Scott walking the MOB down the aisle. Isn't he handsome? And we finally got a picture of us (I had requested one all weekend!)

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