Wednesday, September 17, 2008

RECAP! Ceremony Site!

Before I jump into flowers and everything else, I thought I would start with how we dressed the ceremony site. We didn't need to do too much because this was the view:It was simply so beautiful outside we didn't feel the need. I feel like our touches are really summed up below:I bought parasols from Chinatown in LA. They were pretty cheap, but do plan on spending a half a day there to wander around and look for the best price. I got mine for $5-$7 each. Also, a lot of the parasols are different colors with painting on them. Since we were having a black and white wedding, I didn't want to mess with that by bringing in colored parasols. I am so glad that I did that! Plus, it made for some really cool pictures post wedding. :)Another thing we did was line the aisle with lanterns. I didn't light the candles because it wasn't dark outside and I didn't think we needed to. The lanterns looked really cool and it was a great unique touch. It was very nautical too!

Finally our programs. Man were those a labour of love! It was about six pages. The first just had the date, time, and location as well as our names. Then we had the the bridal party and order of service, we had some announcements regarding our ceremony (later post) and regarding the cocktail hour and we ended with our favorite verse and a picture of us.

The beginning of the aisle was marked by two separate flower arrangements and blocked off my a shell rope (we kinda did a whole nautical theme accidentally).
I was told to try to mark the beginning and end of your really define it. We tried to do this and it turned out really nice.
We also had petal cones on the aisles to be thrown on us after the ceremony. That was a great idea and I strongly encourage that over confetti or birdseed. Its cleaner and classier. A tip I got from a florist was to use carnations because when it's just petals you can't tell what they are, and they are much cheaper. :)

Finally, we also had extra water bottles made from our OOT bags and so we brought those to the ceremony too. It wasn't too hot on our wedding day, but I know our guests appreciated it. :)

Coming up next...getting ready and ceremony details!
All photos courtesy Sean J. Mason

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