Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Recap! Rehearsal Dinner

Alrighty folks! So as I begin my Super Wedding Recap, I thought I would start with our rehearsal dinner. As a lot of people know, I had a big DIY list and was going a little crazy. But it truly all worked out!

Ms. Kryland, who lives in Seattle, came down the week before the wedding to basically run errands with me and help me finish...well everything. I have to say that there is no way I could have done this without her. She was absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for her time, energy, encouragement, and love. I had SO MUCH fun hanging out with her and spending time catching up on the important things in life. The few days prior we finalized and finished. So I will start with Friday, the day before the wedding.

Mr. Scott and I really wanted to do a laid back kind of atmosphere for the rehearsal dinner. We didn't want to do a BBQ or something on the beach, but that was a lot of extra work and having someone else do that for you is just much easier. We knew our wedding would be more formal, so we decided to have it at C & O's Trattoria on Friday night. They have amazingly good Italian food (Mr. Scott's favorite!) and a fun atmosphere. We brought in our own wine and dessert and that turned out to be a wonderful idea. Our friends and family definitely had a great time. The best part of the night though, was definitely when the ENTIRE restaurant burst out singing "That's Amore!". It was such a perfect evening!!!Here is Mrs. E and I. She was so gracious my entire wedding. I showed up to the hotel to check in prior to the rehearsal. I was exhausted, with low blow sugar, and desperately needed a shower. I walked in to find out she had already checked in for me, had crackers and cheese waiting, a fresh pot of coffee, and a hot towel. I was SO GRATEFUL and she put me in an instantly better mood. Words can't describe my gratitude enough.Here I am with all my beautiful maids!And Mr. Scott will probably kill me for this one, but here he is with all the guys goofing off. My brother is the one pretending to hit him...little jerk ;)

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