Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meet Maid Ms. B!

Our Meet the Maids Series continues with Ms. B!WHERE WE MET: Ms. B and I met when I was in the womb. :) She is my biological sister so I do not even remember our first meeting. (Below is Ms. B with me when I was just a baby.)WHAT I LOVE ABOUT HER: Ms. B is hilarious. No really, she is one of the funniest people I have ever met. We laugh for hours about nothing and everything. More, she is more than a sister. I have always said Ms. B and I are sisters by chance, but friends by choice. She is my best friend. I call her for anything and everything and cannot imagine our lives without each other. We are related, so we have no always seen eye to eye, but the thing I love about Ms. B is that she is constantly trying to challenge me and allow me to challenge her. We both love each other a lot and have such similar insights, feelings, likes, dislikes, tastes, and preferences that I swear she is my soul mate. She is incredibly giving of her self, her time, and her money. She does so many nice things for people just because she loves them and cares. She is truly an inspiration to me. (Below is a picture of Ms. B and I when she was helping me move into my college dorm.)WHY SHE WAS CHOSEN: She watched the Sound of Music with me 100 times in a row and will sing and dance along with me. Who else would do that? Beside being my sister, I always knew Ms. B would be my maid of honor because she and I have such a close bond. We are close friends and close sisters. Of anyone in the family, no one's relationship is as close as ours. We have always had visions of getting married and watching our kids play together because we have never wanted to live far from one another. Ms. B has opened her arms and thus the family's to Mr. Scott. We have bonded a lot with Ms. B and her boyfriend Mr. B. We fondly refer to our favorite couple as B squared. I know how much she has come to love Mr. Scott as her brother and I am just so incredibly proud to have such an amazing older sister to constantly look up to. She is an incredible woman. (Below is a picture of us with B2)FIRST IMPRESSION: Since I don't remember, I will give you Mr. Scott's first impression of her "She seems nice and not like she is sizing me up. I hope she likes me."

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