Monday, September 8, 2008

Recap! Bachelorette Party!

Mr. Scott's bachelor party was held the same day as my shower in LA. his groomsmen and friends did an incredible trip canoeing down the Colorado River for the weekend. I know he had a great time and I was so grateful to his friends for throwing an incredible party for him!

As for me, I didn't want to do my party the week before the wedding, so I did it the month before! We got together and met up at the Highland Hotel in Hollywood. The room was completely decked out with decorations, games, penis, condoms, and food! It was awesome! We sat around and opened presents (I got A LOT of lingerie!), ate Penis cupcakes and got dressed. Then we went to a FANTASTIC dinner with the girls (the only real going out we did). We were serenaded during dinner and I was proposed to as we left. Then we simply headed back to the hotel for a few games, some truth or dare, and a lot! of girl talk! :) It was just what I wanted in a Hen Party. It felt like a big girls slumber party / girls night out / bachelorette / hang out time. I loved every second. I think Ms. K said it best when she said "It was like a girls slumber party on crack." Perfect. :)
Getting proposed to! There was also a table of four girls sitting next to us (who I can't find the picture of) who bought me a drink "with their condolences". They were so kind and I thought it was so sweet of them to do that. I told them I would "Pay it Forward" to the next bachelorette I saw.
That's right...I had a Penis Pinata... =...AWESOME!

The girls did a wonderful job and I am so grateful for their time, money, efforts, etc. Thanks ladies!

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