Sunday, September 7, 2008

RECAP! Shower

I realized that I had never posted about a few pre-wedding events. So before I really dive into my wedding recap, I thought I would post about the beautiful shower Mr. Scott's family threw for me. It was held down here in LA at a family friends house and hosted by his Aunts. The food consisted primarily of dessert (YUM!) and was attended mostly by Mr. Scott's family and family friends. It was such a blessing for me to be able to meet so many people who care so much for Mr. Scott and I was so honored to be thrown such a wonderful event with such wonderful people attending. Mr. Scott and I were definitely showered with gifts! More than that though, it was such a wonderful joy for me to be reminded that I am marrying into a wonderful family. Mr. Scott's family has welcomed me with open arms and I truly feel apart of their lives, not just that I am stealing there son. I can't imagine what it is like to have horrible in laws, or people you don't get along with because my experience is completely opposite. I am so thankful for that. First we played the "bag game". There were 21 different household items in individual brown paper bags and you had to guess what they were. The winner got to take everything home. I thought I would be terrible, but I ended up getting 20 of 21 correct!!!!
The food...My mother came down for the shower. It was a half surprise (I learned of it the week prior), but I was so touched that she could make it. Mr. Scott's mom and my mother get along extremely well and I am convinced they would be best friends if they lived closer. I think it was fun for Mr. Scott's mom to get to spend more time with my mother as well. This is Ms. B, my mom, me, and Mr. Scott's mom.This is Mr. Scott's Aunt Carol. She helped a lot with the shower and made our wedding cake! I adore her.I was SHOWERED with gifts! These were the beer glasses we registered for from Ms. J. I knew Mr. Scott would be excited.I got a very fancy nightie for night of from the mom of Mr. Scott's Band's old lead singer (did you follow that?). I LOVED IT!I was laughing at the back of this card which had a picture of Mr. Scott in Mrs. V's wedding years before. It was so special.This was a handkerchief from Mr. Scott's grandma. It was real Irish lace for his Irish lady. She had used as had three other generations in Mr. Scott's family for their wedding. It was to be my something borrowed.Here is me with Ms. B and my beautiful ribbon bouquet. :)

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