Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day everyone! Though the shouts for equal rights and citizenship of Mexican protester echo in the streets below, I am in an incredibly good mood today. Hence, I decided to share some wedding humor I have stumbled upon. But first, a mini update from our planning stages:

Mr. Scott and I got incredibly organized last night with wedding things. We like lists a lot so we made one of everything left to do...and I mean everything! It's a lot but it has motivated us to start scratching things off that list. :) My wedding nightmares turned into productive wedding dreams because last night I dreamed we finished our programs, menus, and escort cards all in one day. Granted Mr. Scott went a little away from our vision in my dream, but I actually woke up laughing. I feel much more organized and ready to start more planning. Tonight I am going to tackle our "favors" and hopefully I will have a few pictures to post from it. Yay for being excited all over again about my wedding!

And now, for your humor: (I hope some of my pictures turn out like this...just because it is hilarious!)
And finally, I wish we had't already printed our RSVP cards because these would be hilarious!Photos courtesy of another f-ing wedding

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