Tuesday, May 27, 2008

60 Days and Counting!!!

Well we are 60 days out. That's right folks! Less than two months and I will be the new Mrs. Scott. YAY!

Today Mr. Scott and I went down to the jewelry district in downtown near my office. Mr. Scott's family has a jeweler they go to for all their jewelery needs and that is where my engagement ring came from...though it was custom made. I knew what I wanted already for a band as did Mr.
Scott, but it was fun to go in together and try on rings and see what matched my engagement ring. I really like it and both rings are much less than what we budgeted for, so that is always exciting.

We also filled out our marriage license certificate. A great thing about getting married in Los Angeles County is that you can submit your marriage license online and then simply go in to pick it up. It saves time waiting in line and to be processed. These are important things to us since neither of us have a lot of time to take off work with the pending wedding.

So, with that said, I am moving on to table numbers and more inspiration. Mr. Scott and I have been talking a lot about how we are going to do table numbers (since I was not thrilled with the idea of doing plain numbers, but don't have a lot of time or money dedicated to this feat). Well low and behold that I go to weddingbee and find two separate posts on this exact topic! Check them out here and here and let me know your preference and help em decide!

Finally, here is some inspiration. I love this first one that really captures a perfect mixture between country and chic elegance. So pretty!
I also loved this one...especially the cheese! I have had an intense love affair with cheese ever since moving to Paris and would love to have a cheese wedding cake, but (a) I don't think Mr. Scott would appreciate it and (b) I love pastries much more than to sacrifice it for cheese at my wedding.Finally, I LOOOVE the idea of having the same color flowers but in all different types for my maids. As I am doing flowers myself, I will probably have to have a more "fly by the seat of my pants" attitude toward flowers. So the idea of being simple yet unique really stands out as a brilliant idea to me.

I again forgot to cite my sources but I know some of this came from Style me Pretty and Snippet and Ink

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