Saturday, May 31, 2008

Meet Maid "Ms. Elle"

I have so been slacking off this week with posts. My apologies. I was sick in bed all last week and this week was just extremely tumultuous at work, etc. With that said, I am finally posting something. :) I have decided that I am going to go through a "Meet my Maids Series". Don't worry, it won't all be about my Maids over the next few weeks. I'll be sure to post inspiration, etc throughout.

But first off, Meet Maid Ms. Elle.Here are a few facts:

When we met: September 2002. She was literally my first friend at UCSD. Below is a picture of us out with the boys.
What I love about her: Ms. Elle opened my eyes to the world of art. I had always loved art but it was she who put my first paintbrush in my hand and told me it didn't matter if I wasn't any good if I liked doing it. We used to go to shows and she would tell me all about new and coming artists. Another reason why, is because she literally saved me from hell my Freshman year. I had a horrible living situation and Ms. Elle would let me sleep over all the time and comfort me telling me I wasn't a horrible person. Also, she is my eating buddy, and anyone that knows me, knows how much I love food. As that is the case, Ms. Elle has truly become my favorite culinary companion. And finally (which maybe should have been first), Ms. Elle is one of the MOST kind, compassionate, sweet, funny, happy-go-lucky people I have ever met. I cannot think of any BIG fight Ms. Elle and I have gotten into. We have had a few disagreements here and there, but overall, we are like peas and carrots...we just belong together.

Why she was chosen:
She has always been INCREDIBLY supportive of Mr. Scott and I and has truly made an effort to get to know him. She and I have been best friends for so long, I couldn't imagine my day without her kindness and laughter.

First Impression:
"Who is this bubbly little chick running around my dorm right now?"

I LOVE YOU Ms. Elle!

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