Monday, May 12, 2008

Soon to be Mrs?

I have gotten some slack from people who harass me for having my blog title "Suddenly a Mrs" since I am not actually a Mrs but a Ms. I didn't care for awhile because the whole idea behind my blog was to write about the journey of being a Ms and then suddenly being a Mrs.I figured I would start with my engagement all the way through my first year if being a Mrs. But I am giving in. I am a "Soon to be Mrs" not a "suddenly" just yet. So once I am married, my title will be back.

Speaking of titles, I am begun the war inside my head regarding changing my name. The traditionalist in me has always known I would take my husband's name. It makes things related to personal lives and offspring easier and I like the way it honors the husband...not in the "I belong to you" kind of screwed up way, but in the "I am dedicating myself to this marriage and to you" kind of way. However, truth be told, I love my maiden name. I love that it shows my Irish heritage. It reminds me of "the golden ticket" I get to play in every Irish pub and while I was in Ireland. It reminds me of my love of everything potato and green. I just feel like I am not quite ready to part with it. The Mrs. Scott's Mom told me I could always make my middle name my maiden name, but I like my middle name and my maiden name is not a good middle name. I have thought about hyphenation as well. But ultimately, a lot of people I know with hyphenated names claim it is a big pain in the arse and some admit they secretly wished they would have just taken their husbands name. So what to do? Thoughts?

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