Monday, May 19, 2008

An aisle to walk down

I went to the venue this past weekend with Ms. B and she is always a wealth of wedding knowledge and ideas. She truly amazes me. Even though she was obviously tired, I could still tell that she wanted to blow peoples minds almost more than I do. She is so focused on making our day FABULOUS and wonderfully unique and special. I couldn't ask for a better sister in the world.

Anyway, Ms. B and I worked with some of the material we bought and measured the reception hall. We realized the color of curtains was wrong, as was the size. However, we re-did our room layout and I am very excited about it. We mapped out the smaller room as well which will have our guest book area, bar, and escort card table. We still have SO MUCH to do, but things are starting to come together. Next was the ceremony site. The fabric we picked to cover part of the gazebo looks amazing. As many know, I was not thrilled with the idea of our venue for the first month after we booked. The removal of the AstroTurf has simply revitalized my excitement about our venue. It looks so different. Walking out there this weekend was BEAUTIFUL. We were there at the exact hour we will be getting married...the sun starting to set, the water sparkling, breeze blowing, and all the flowers are blooming. It's simply stunning. As Ms. B and I figured out all our details for the ceremony and walked out the aisle, I started feeling very bridal and so excited. I AM GETTING MARRIED! And while the stress and time pressure is starting to kick in, I cannot wait for our special moment. In the meantime, I found more inspiration for me to divulge in.

I LOVE BRANCHES. Like a lot, so this looked amazing to me. A little too pink though.I really liked the arrangements lining the aisle and the candles bringing in a touch of light. I bet this would look amazing at nighttime or indoors. Too bad ours is outdoor.I loved this idea if someone cannot have a true "Bridal Entrance". I think it really adds to the suspense. As Mr. Scott and I will not be seeing each other before the ceremony, I think I liked this picture because of the suspense I felt looking at it, knowing I would have that same suspense day of.
I love the GORGEOUS Trees lining this path. It reminds me of one of the closing scenes of "My Best Friend's Wedding" when the fireworks go off as they are driving away. I love old cars!
Originally I was not going to do individual menus to save costs, but after seeing these, I am starting to reconsider...

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