Monday, May 5, 2008

Becoming a Bride

When I saw this the first time, I thought to myself "That is so me!" I just wasn't into the cute DIY invitations, pink or bright red flowers or bridesmaid dresses, and I didn't have my wedding picked out like everyone else around me seemed to have done already...even those that weren't engaged! It truly made me begin to question whether I actually had a va-j-j or not.
Well this weekend I definitely found my va-j-j. Don't go down that X-rated path because I am actually talking about the fact that I may actually be become a bride. First, I began my first DIY project and I am absolutely consumed. It's all I can think about. Well, that and my next project.
Second, we opened our first wedding present. Mr. Scott's extended family in Nebraska bought us a GORGEOUS Waterford Crystal vase that we didn't even register for. We can only imagine the cost and I was so overwhelmed by the generosity I don't have words to express it. I am sure this is just the beginning...
Third and finally, Mr. Scott's birthday, my FMIL's birthday, and mine are all within five days of each other. We went out for dinner Saturday night to celebrate. After dinner we went back to the house to open presents and what did Mr. Scott and I receive? Six of our five piece place settings in our wedding china! Now don't get me wrong, my registry already told me I was receiving them, but to actually physically hold them in my hands was amazing. I began imagining my new home with Mr. Scott and hosting holidays at our place on these dishes. I was so excited! Over china! Who would have thought that I, Miss Kelsey, would ever get excited about wedding china? Not me! Apparently I am becoming a Mrs or at least very bridal after all.

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