Friday, May 2, 2008

You can never trust a guy in a bowtie...

As I already have my dress and am working on alterations (I put a call in this morning to a seamstress courtesy of Miss Roomie's mom's recommendation), I have shifted my thinking for today to tuxedos. I told Mr. Scott that since I get to pick out my dress and what I want to wear all day, it was only fair that he received the same treatment. Beside, he is the one who is going to be wearing it. Mr. Scott also decided not to tell me what he is going to pick out for himself. (He wants to surprise me) While I was a bit worried at first because I like knowing all the details (I'm not a bridezilla just OCD), I have come to see this as a very cool idea. If he doesn't get to see what I am going to wear, why should I get to see what he is going to wear. Mr. Scott has very good taste and an excellent fashion sense so I am not too worried about what he will pick. He is so hansome that I have no doubt he will look dashing. The thing that concerns me, is Mr. Scott's mischief side. Will I get something like this?
Or what about this?
I realized his personality is a little crazy sometimes even though funny. So I warned him, "You know me. And you can also think of a few things that if you did / wore on our day, I would walk the other direction down the aisle." With that, I leave the rest in his hands and trust him completely. But just for fun I provided a bit of inspiration...
Hello Handsome! (Mr. Scott per Larry David says you can never trust a guy in a bowtie...but I think this is a classic look that I love!)
Tails could be fun! Though maybe too formal and old fashioned for Mr. Scott. Good luck Mr. Scott! I am excited to see what you come up with!

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