Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Men are Mars, Women are from Venus

I am excited to be married. I do not think I will miss being single. However, I do think it is interesting how gender roles & stereotypes come out in relationships. Guys are expected to propose, be gentlemen 24/7, take initiative, and do the dirty, hard labour* jobs. Girls, are expected to say yes, be ladylike, docile, and clean house. One of the things I love about Mr. Scott is that these "traditional roles" do not apply. Do not misunderstand me, Mr. Scott has been and still to this day, is a perfect gentleman. He also was the one to ask me to marry him and he often is the one taking initiative. I have always appreciated that he opens my doors everywhere, and walks street side when we walk down the street. Some women hate this, and I am always confused why as I see these as a sign of his love and respect for me. But there are other areas we are less traditional. He is more of a neat freak than I am when it comes to the house. He is a FABULOUS cook...I am no Rachel Ray. And most of all, he loves me for being an independent strong woman and encourages me to stay that way. I think that is why we work so well. I have tried to respond in a similar little ways. Things like who I spend my time with and how that time is spent, how I dress and speak, how I conduct myself are all things that suddenly matter a lot more to me. I think having concern and respect for him has allowed me to become a better person and learn to love Jesus more fully. I love that he was more dedicated to our relationship in the beginning than I was, but waited for me to be ready. I love that he pushes me to do more with myself. And I also love that he doesn't feel "dragged into anything" by me but that we respect each other enough to make decisions together and with the others best interest in mind.He has challenged me in so many positive ways and I have developed more into the woman I wish to become because he loves me the way he does (cue that horrid Celine Dion song now...)
I have found it so interesting to watch people's expectations and excitement over our engagement and watch how their views on gender have responded. I think Mr. Scott and I are traditional in a lot of ways, but I love that we can show people a balance between tradition, and gender equality. I will get off my soapbox now and step away promising new inspiration tomorrow (Escort cards on the brain). For now, I thought I would use this blog for the purpose with with it was created...to vent ideas and thoughts and frustrations. I hope this didn't scare off the few readers I have! :(

*I often write words with the English spelling (much to Mr. Scott's dismay). I blame art historians in college for this error. My apologies.
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