Thursday, May 8, 2008

We Passed!!!

Last night we went to our pre-marital counseling session. We took a class from our church that was meant for "newly married, pre-married, pre-engaged, just started dating" couples. It was amazing because we were able to receive input for couples who were in all stages of their relationship. We discussed things like finances, babies, sex, communication, how to fight, etc. All the topics a good pre-married counseling class should entail. While Mr. Scott and I had discussed most of these topic already, it was fun to get different perspectives and I believe we got a lot of useful tools out of it. At the end of our class, Mr. Scott and I decided we wanted to go in for a few individual counseling sessions, just to be sure we were on the right path and that there weren't any "hidden ghosts" we needed to deal with. In our first session, they informed us that normally they suggest anywhere from five to eight sessions. Mr. Scott and I discussed that we would probably do four - five since we had already taken our class.

The first meeting went well and our second meeting was last night. At the end of our second meeting, our counselors told us that we didn't need to come back unless we wanted to. They said that while "you're never fully prepared to be married," we were as prepared as we could be. I felt like they gave us the green light to get married and it was an amazing feeling. Our five sessions turned into two! It was almost like passing a test and as if they were saying "You guys are going to be great! You don't need us, so good luck with your marriage!" It was an extra vote of confidence we didn't really need, but was nice to have all the same. A lot of people have said to me that Mr. Scott and I "are one of those couples you know are going to make it." The fact that people have that much faith in us is an amazing feeling.

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