Friday, May 9, 2008

Charity Tokens

OK so I realize this is the most boring headline ever, but this is a quick post and I don't have much to say yet. Just wanted to vent that our Charity tokens are consuming my life. While I almost have 1200 cut, I still have 1200 to emboss. I am crazy as Mr. Scott likes to remind me. This weekend I am trying out a seamstress (so I'll let you know how it goes) and working tokens! But I am actually getting really excited with how these are turning out. I promise a full update with photos as the project progresses.

On another note, I got a phone call last night from the "Mrs. Scott's Mom" and apparently one of the guests we invited to the wedding (whom I have never met) wants to throw me a shower! I cannot believe it! So in July I will have a second shower with all the ladies from Mr. Scott's family and family friends. It should be lots of fun and I cannot wait! :)

And finally, I received our program paper last night in the mail. This is kind of exciting for me too because it means I can start my next DIY project soon. Too bad I need to 1) pick our ceremony music 2) plan out our ceremony 3) talk to our officiant and 4) design a template, before I can really get going on this stuff. Only 79 days to go and I am getting SO EXCITED!

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