Friday, May 23, 2008

Escort Service

No not that kind of an escort!! I am finally posting ideas about escort cards. I had originally wanted to make buttons with people's names on them and attach them to a piece of cardstock with their table numbers printed on it. (think a la flair below)However, upon researching my button idea, this proved to me much to expensive. So I am reducing myself to other options. As my colors are black and white, I like the idea of incorporating them both. Not to mention these are pretty.
I also liked these though I obviously wouldn't have brown. I think they may be a bit too plain though.
I REALLY liked these. Simple yet chic. The ribbon around the back is gorgeous. It may not look the same however with just white on white.
These were just so cute with their bicycle I had to include them.
This was one of the few cards I could find that were obviously I had to steal them.
This is such a neat way to add a touch of color. I was thinking a nice cream colored ribbon for me instead.
This is my absolute favorite though. I love the simplicity of just the name in beautiful caligraphy with loose flowers since I will be having a lot of loose flowers at the reception.
Everytime I mention escort cards, I have people ask me what that means. There is a great post here about the difference between escort cards and place cards. Basically I am doing assigned tables not assigned seating. I am also planning on using Martha's great idea to hold seating place cards should I decide not to do tents.

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