Monday, June 2, 2008

Hair Power!

"If you're San sure to wear some flowers in your hair."

OK, so while I grew up in the Bay, I am not officially getting married there. However, I have always known I would wear flowers in my hair for the day of the wedding. My grandmother often shows off her Kleptomaniac side by plucking random fresh flowers anywhere we are and adding them to her hair. I have always thought it makes her look young and fresh and classy...what I want to look like on my wedding day. I thought maybe I would wear a fresh orchid in my hair due their simple beauty and durability...but once I saw these SILK FLOWERS below, I have begun to rethink my plan.

Perhaps the white Lilly above? Or maybe the magnolia below?
But what about a Ranunculous? It would be white of course!While I love peonies, I am not so excited about the silk rendition...I stumbled upon Butterfly Enchantress on Etsy and found this wonderful gem! Since we are using A LOT of Plumerias in our reception, how great to have them in my hair!But THEN! I saw my inspiration board...I just LOVE IT! It totally reminds me of the classy Jazz inspired era I am going for. This of course led me to think about GARDENIAS! How much more classic can you get then Ella or Billie wearing Gardenias in their hair while belting a sultry number. Or Greta Garbo dancing the night away with this stunner in their hair? I may be rethinking my original fresh orchid idea....
What do you think? Anyone that reads this blog (if anyone reads) have an idea? Next up...choosing a hair style...

As an FYI...the best silk flower shops I found beside Etsy, were GabbyMac and Hibiscus Flowers. All photos were taken from Gabby Mac or Etsy. The inspiration board is from Style Me Pretty. Look I finally remembered to cite!!!

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