Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving and Shaking

Tonight I begin the second part of Mr. Scott's and my new life together (Part One was simply getting engaged)...moving into our new place. It's so hard right now to stay focused because the market is horrible and hence a perfect time to find a place to buy. However since Mr. Scott and I have no money, it looks as though renting will be our thing for the next few years. We found a great 2 bedroom 1.5 bath that actually has a lot of space. I have to be out of my apartment (goodbye roomie! :( ) by Tuesday next week. So tonight begins the packing and this weekend, Mr. Scott will be moving my stuff in while I get showered in SF.

Honestly, I am actually pretty excited to move. I will miss Ms. K but I am excited to move into our new home and begin creating a new family with Mr. Scott. As my current apartment is already overrun with all things wedding and Mr. Scott is not moving in until after the wedding, I have decided that I have no intention of "moving in" or unpacking until after its all over. Then I can really "set up house". I kinda can't wait!

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emahlee said...

I have breifly skimmed through some of your recent entries and I can relate to many of your feelings. and... your blog's fun!

good luck with the rest of the planning.

stay blessed.