Friday, June 6, 2008

Tid Bits to Inspire

So this post will be short today as I am off to sister Ms. K's college graduation in Seattle! YAY! I am truly so excited for her and while I know she is concerned with not knowing what she wants to do with her life, I have every confidence in her that she will be fantastic. I admire her so much because of all she does and the person she is. I know it may stress the fam out that she doesn't have a "real job" yet, but I appreciate the fact that she is looking for something to be passionate about...something that she can truly be dedicated to. So I will say GOOD LUCK Ms. K! AND CONGRATULATIONS!

Moving on, here are a few boards I have collected over the last two days. While only a part of the board I love, I am really digging these ideas.

This is by John Partridge photography. I think he has an incredible talent, but the main reason I picked this was for the draping of the sheet across the chairs and lining the aisle. It's so differnt and I love it. I wonder if it would be too hard for me to on my aisle? Or too expensive...

These next two photos above and below are from photographer Nguyen Tran. I love the bouquet above. The "dusted"color of the flowers above. Very romantic and clean. The sparkle shoes on the other hand? A bit much for this girl. The board below is just amazing. I love the menus wrapped up like little waiters, the gorgeous floral design on the escort card table, and the escort cards themselves. The little ribbon on top looks amazing!I'll be back soon with more, for now, I'm off to the Emerald City!

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