Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet Maid "Ms. K!"

My "Meet the Maids" series continues. Now I must warn that I have three "K's" that are bridesmaids. However, one is Ms. Kryland, one is MRS. K, and the third is Ms. K. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, MS. K!At Ms. K's Birthday last year

When we met: Ms. K and I were both RA's (HA because she was in a different college...UCSD has a weird college system, don't ask!). I think the first time we actually met was at the beginning of the year during all campus RA / HA training. However, I don't remember her. I am also sure that during one of the many on campus events I ran into her...but I don't remember meeting her then either. When I do remember meeting her was when we were RA's together at a summer camp in June 2004. Academic Connections. Through all the craziness that went on that summer, Ms. K and I really really bonded together. She is such a special and wonderful person and I truly love the woman she is. Which leads us toAt the midnight showing of Harry Potter 5 last year

What I love about her: She loves Harry Potter! But mostly, I love that Ms. K because she is so dedicated and loyal to her friends. I am a big talker and tell long stories and Ms. K never gives me anything but her undivided attention. Food, again, is a big part of our relationship and if you ever meet us, be sure to ask about our "Just Keep Eating" stories. They're great! Also, I love Ms. K's tenacity and dedication to things she loves. I love that she is not afraid to be a tomboy or a girl-girl and that she has a lot of knowledge about random things. I love that we can hang out and do nothing and still have a great time, or go out and be the life of the party. I love that Ms. K is no drama and hates drama girls and that in our entire friendship we have rarely fought. She is definitely my favorite little Jew!

Why she was chosen: Ms. K and I have been through each others relatively short yet extensive dating histories. She has seen heartbreak and happiness. Ms. K has been there since day one of Mr. Scott and I meeting and has supported us 100% through it all. As my current roommate, she has gone above and beyond to lend a helping hand and listening ear. Her patience (especially lately) with my lack of time is incredible. Not to mention, I had to have Ms. K around for her "no nonsense, no stupid white frilly girliness that means nothing to your big day" attitude. :)
Post a glass of wine and three hours of trying to write my law school admissions essay and right before Ms. K's office Holiday party. (Obviously she looks a lot better than I do!)

First Impression: "Oh my! I really hope this girl doesn't think it's gross that I just shook her hand after she just got out of the bathroom stall."

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