Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meet Maid "Ms. J"!

Well, another installment of "Meet My Maids". This week is Ms. J!(Please ignore Ms. D's face in the background)

When we met: Ms. J and I met through Mr. Scott. She and Mr. Scott have been friends for a very long time and while her boyfriend is one of Mr. Scott's Men, she has actually known him longer. We first met at a bar in Santa Monica. I was out for a night on the town to meet all of Mr. Scott's friends and was soooo nervous about making a good impression. She struck up a conversation with me and made me feel so comfortable that I instantly liked her. Our friendship has only grown from there.

What I love about her: Ms. J is so much fun to be around. She and I never look for things to do because life is exciting when she is around. She is so creative and brilliantly talented and I love watching her create projects, paintings, and photography. Almost a "Jill of all Trades". Our personalities are extremely similar in our sense of humor, fun, and even in how we deal with problems in life. She has become a close friend very quickly and a huge support of Mr. Scott's and my relationship. I have appreciated her advice and wisdom, patience, and love. Ms. J is also my "girl amongst guys." As most of Mr. Scott's friends are single right now, there is a slight shortage in women we all hang out with. It has been nice to add some estrogen to our group and have someone there that understands me better than other people.
(Us at our "Bad Christmas Sweater Party" last year)

Why she was chosen:
Ms. J was chosen because of both our friendship and her friendship with Mr. Scott. She has been a good friend to us both, as well as a cheerleader for us, confidant, and friend. We have become so close in such a short time and I know our friendship is only going to develop further from here. I cant wait to continue making memories with her!

First Impression: "There is a fiery lil redhead over there who is giving me the eye. I hope she doesn't hate me."(I am still unclear why my friends have this thing with getting in the background of my pictures. :) )

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