Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meet Maid "Ms. Kryland"

My Meet My Maids series continues with Maid Ms. Kryland!
I heart Ms. Kryland!

When we met: We met when Ms. Kryland was in fifth grade. Our parents were dating. She was wearing a baggy T-shirt and spandex shorts and all I kept thinking was what a fashion disaster!

What I love about her:
We share a name! But more importantly, Ms. Kryland really loves Jesus. Like a lot. She is so passionate about the poor and seeks to love others with a humility and relentlessness that inspires me daily. I love that she tries not to let society get the best of her and that she strives to seek the unloved and unwanted. I also love how funny she is without trying to be. I like how she sends me pictures of her poop and tells me funny stories that only could happen to people like her. I love that she is usually extremely joyful and fun to be around. And above all, I love that she loves me for what I am and what I am not. Our parents may have gotten married together other, but as the saying goings "Sisters by chance, friends by choice." I have definitely found a good one in her.
Ms. Kryland and I at Mrs. E's wedding reception. (She helped me avoid the creepy photographer and was the only person to dance with me all night.)

Why she was chosen: Ms. Kryland and I have an extremely special relationship because we connect on such a different level than I can with other people. We can spend hours debating issues or talking about life in general. One of my fondest memories will be spending time with her in Spain on the beach and in cafe's journaling. I will never forget that time in my life and will always remember that as a moment when she became more than a friend or sister and truly because a best friend. I truly respect her and love her. More, she has been an avid supporter of Mr. Scott and I from day one. She is so excited to welcome him into the family and I have appreciated all of her efforts to get to know him, support us, and welcome him into the family.

First Impression: "Who is this albino chick in spandex that is super excited to meet people she barely knows?"
Ms. Kryland and I at her College graduation two weeks ago.

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